How to install Oracle Weblogic server and a Domain in Windows 10 ?

Alright the long waited Oracle Weblogic 14.1.1 Server (Oracle WebLogic Server 14c ( is a scalable, enterprise-ready Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 8 (Java EE 8) Application Server) is here. Today I will show you how to install this Weblogic server 14.1.1 in Windows 10.

Step 1: First download this quick Installer from :

Step 2: Select the quick generic installer for Windows.

The quick installer should be something like this : fmw_14.

Step 3: Make sure you have at least jdk1.8.0_281 or above version installed in your system. If not download from Oracle Site :

Step 4: Make sure to copy that downloaded jar file to your JDK bin folder:(Below):

Then run the command line as an Administrator.

Once there run this command:

java -jar fmw_14. ORACLE_HOME=C:\Weblogic_Demo

If everything goes as expected you should see something like this.(Below):

Congratulations you have successfully installed Oracle WebLogic Server 14c ( in your Windows system.

Step 5:Now we will install the Domain to run apps, add data sources etc.

Go into your ORACLE_HOME, in this demo that will be C:\Weblogic_Demo.

Here go into this path: C:\Weblogic_Demo\oracle_common\common\bin and run config command. (Below):

Based on how you want to setup you have a choice to do this during this configuration process.(Below):

Here I have selected the basic configuration and I am ready to create.

Honestly this is something I want you to play with as it has a lots of option on how you design your domain.

Congratulations this time for installing Domain successfully.

Step 6:

Now to run your Domain in Weblogic Server 14.1.1 go to your Domain path, for my demo I have it built in default location: C:\Weblogic_Demo\user_projects\domains\base_domain\bin

And just run startWebLogic command.

Once you see “Server state changed to RUNNING” go to your browser: (localhost:7001/console)

I have something like this for my demo: http://localhost:7001/console/login/LoginForm.jsp

Make sure to run the startNodeManager as well to start Managed Server. (Not required for this Demo)

Your Console should look something like above.

This is a simple and basic installation guide, for project specific or unique needs please refer to Oracle Documentation.

Personal Thought : Would be great if Oracle had some Dark Mode. (Just Saying…)

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